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Photo Gallery | The Cullective: When Reality Becomes Comic

If I were a superhero, what would my power be? Or more accurate for my day today: If I were a villain... what evil-doing would I do?

The day started in the office of On the Edge CEO Deke Cloyd's hip SoDo district office, nestled above boutiques in downtown Spokane. It's filled with an array of tchotchkes to keep your mind busy. You walk in and you just know this guy is going to be cool. 

Deke excitedly showed photojournalist Tim Martin, web producer Nicole Hensley and I around his office and began to set up the back story of how he got into live-action comic books. He's not a comic geek though, guys, just to be clear.

His journey into the world of comics began about seven years ago when he had a disturbing nightmare. He wrote down as much detail as he could remember, then filed it away. Still, the nightmare gnawed at him. Fast forward to present time, when a friend found this piece of paper, read the nightmare description and decided... Hey, that'd make an excellent story. The Cullective is born.

Deke hires local models (or friends help him out), dresses them in his post-world imploding clothes and takes them around town to photograph them. Then, through a program designed by one of his guys at On the Edge, he goes through a painstaking process off "comicizing" the pictures (I made that word up). The result is a graphic, cartoon-like picture to help illustrate his comic story.

It goes further, he then creates sound effects, takes music from local band Dead Serious Lovers, and has actors do voice over work to narrate the comic. You can chose to read the comic in a traditional manner, or press a play button to have it narrated for you. He says it's the first of its kind in the world.

He mentioned numerous times how much fun he has with this project, but he's still a businessman and is on Kickstarter to get funding for The Cullective. You can help him out by visiting and checking out what he does - maybe you have some spare change.

Best part of my day besides getting to tell this rad story? Deke humored me by letting me dress up as one of his characters - a villain. Perfect! Though as a villain I don't have any superpowers. What I do have is a scowl that I thought was pretty mean, but my coworkers said it looks like I'm pouting. So maybe I don't make the best 'bad guy.' Or maybe that's what I want you to think...

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