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Photo Gallery | Photo Gallery: Spokane Vintage Warehouse

I walked into the Spokane Vintage Warehouse for the first time, and I was transported - overwhelmed by forgotten objects from my childhood home, 70s suburbia and obscure 80s pop culture. A Farrah Fawcett "Dynamite" magazine caught my eye right off the bat. "I HAD THIS!!!" I think the owners, the lovable John and Heather Swanstrom, hear that a lot.

They smiled and reminisced along with me as I treasure-hunted through the Warehouse. This second-hand utopia is snuggled just off of East Sprague in the super-hip "International District".

The address is 2226 E Riverside. The Warehouse is loaded with old albums, giant letters, jewelry, and kitch of all kinds. The clothes are fantastic, but as you head to the dressing room, keep in mind that folks were quite a bit, um, smaller 35 years ago.

You can find the warehouse on facebook see their updates on the new goodies coming in almost every day.  Here are some pictures of my favorite finds.  If you go, let me know what you find: krisc@kxly.com.


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