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Gonzaga causes alarm with fireworks; 911 called 70 times | Weird

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Gonzaga causes alarm with fireworks; 911 called 70 times
Gonzaga causes alarm with fireworks; 911 called 70 times



The loud explosions that scared your dog and may have woken you last night were not a re-enactment of a Red Dawn scene, they were from Gonzaga, which was trying to commemorate its new holiday.

Residents from neighborhoods spanning Spokane called, posted on social media and emailed concern Thursday night about the loud noises originating on GU's campus. Confusion reigned as the 911 center received “just about 70” calls reporting shootings that were later revised to fireworks after officers responded.

“The officers went to the areas that called, looked around, and I can see in one of the officer's comments that it 'was probably just Gonzaga's fireworks,' ” 911 center supervisor David Affeldt said.

The 911 center reported receiving calls from 10:20 to 10:42.

Gonzaga posted the following statement to weary Spokane residents on its Facebook page this morning:

Our apologies to all who were startled by the fireworks at Gonzaga last evening. We apologize for the disturbance and hope the Spokane community will understand the exuberance behind the celebration of Gonzaga’s 125th Anniversary year. It is a privilege for Gonzaga to be part of this city and we wanted to share the excitement over this milestone with everyone.

Thanks to the generosity of a donor, we confirmed the opportunity to have fireworks only a couple weeks ago. Since then, we spread word through media interviews, press releases, website, social media and flyers. All major media were informed about the fireworks plan at least a week prior to the event, and several TV and radio stations, as well as the weekly and print newspapers, shared information about the festivities. 

We regret that all residents did not receive word, and again, hope you will accept our apologies. Thank you for your continued support.


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