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Influx of felines: SCRAPS encourages adoptions | Pets

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Influx of felines: SCRAPS encourages adoptions
Influx of felines: SCRAPS encourages adoptions

Need a new best friend? Cleo (pictured above) is just one of over two dozen new potential best friends The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) has waiting for you. The "cat room" at SCRAPS has received 53 new adorable cats and kittens since Monday.

SCRAPS director Nancy Hill said that this rapid influx of felines is extremely high, and adoption is heavily encouraged.

“You can tell that many of these cats and kittens are used to being in a home – which is so unfortunate for them because their owners aren’t coming in to claim them. If these cats had some type of identification – like a license – we would gladly return them to their homes," said Hill.

Cat redemption rates in Spokane County are abysmal (at about 3 percent) compared to that of dogs (at 37 percent). SCRAPS encourages all cat owners to license, microchip, and provide tags for their pets.

SCRAPS is offering fee-waived cat adoptions this week, June 11th -16th. The cost for your new best friend can be as inexpensive as $15, or the price of a license.

“We need to make room for incoming cats immediately, so we hope the public hears our message and comes in to adopt their next best friend,” Hill said.

SCRAPS is located at 2521 N. Flora Rd. Spokane, WA 99216. (509) 477-2532.


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