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The Steer With Opposable Hooves? | Pets

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The Steer With Opposable Hooves?
The Steer With Opposable Hooves?

Drivers along Highway 195, just north of Spangle, Washington were treated to an unusual sight Wednesday morning at about 7:15. An escapee was being led away while his gang protested and followed a few steps behind.

Steakum the steer decided to make a midnight run from his pasture sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. The escape left his owner wondering if Steakum has opposable hooves.

As far as the life of a bovine is concerned, Steakum lives the life of luxury. He is tethered in a pasture where the green grass is thick and in some areas, taller than he is. Fresh water is delivered to him morning and evening. He enjoys a good scratching on his head and rubbing under his chin causes his eyes to roll back in his head, in pure pleasure.

But if you've ever looked into the eyes of your favorite barbecue, you know there is more than just tenderloin, sirloin and... ribs.

On the other side of Steakum's fence is another pasture with a dozen or so head of cattle. The old saying goes, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." But that's not the case with Steakum's field. His is the envy of the other cattle. One of the smaller steers from the wrong side of the fence has figured out how to climb through the barbed wire and enjoy the shoulder high grass of Steakum's field. Before wearing out his welcome, he returns to his field and herd.

But perhaps, it wasn't just the grass that draws the black-bodied-white-faced calf to Steakum's field.

On Tuesday night, the herd had been moved to the south end of the pasture and the field next to Steakum had been closed off.

Steakum needed more than just luscious grass and cool water. He needed his little buddy.

Steakum is tethered with a halter and his lead has a spring loaded clip that attaches to his halter beneath his chin. Somehow, he was able to detach the lead from his halter and make his break. Perhaps Steakum has opposable hooves that allow him to operate spring loaded contraptions.

Wednesday morning it was discovered he was missing during his water delivery.

Following a 30 minute search Steakum was found about a mile a way, standing next to a fence, beside his little buddy, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun and companionship.

As he was led away toward home, the herd began to protest loudly. As Steakum was led along the fence line parallel to Highway 195, the herd followed their friend. Steakum protested, doing his best impression of a donkey, digging his front hooves into the ground. The pull of friendship was more powerful than the lure of green grass.

Eventually he was pulled back to his home and re-attached to his tether. The herd was left, gathered in the corner of the fence line, calling to their buddy.

Perhaps Steakum will be able to drown his loneliness in the long grass and await the return of his adopted herd to the lower field.


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