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A Different View Of American Freedoms | People

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A Different View Of American Freedoms
A Different View Of American Freedoms

Each day in the national headlines it seems there is always some battle over the Constitutional Rights of America. Recently, the battle over the 2nd Amendment has dominated the country’s attention in the wake of the Sandy Hook school murders.

In the face of such a tragedy, it is easy to find a quick fix. In the case of Sandy Hook the response by Connecticut lawmakers and many other states has been to pass laws banning certain types of rifles and the size of magazines for those rifles that are already owned. The laws bring comfort to the families who are touched by gun violence; they bring hope that someday America will be free from murders and shootings.

Friends and neighbors debate the merit of such laws. Proponents say the laws will keep people like Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza from walking into a school and killing 26 people. Opponents say the laws only take away the freedoms of law abiding citizens; after all, criminals aren’t known for following the laws in the first place.

So is America becoming safer or are Americans losing their rights?

Shahram Hadian offers a different perspective than most Americans have.  If you paid close attention during the 2012 election cycle, you may recognize his name. He ran for Washington Governor. This former police officer and small business owner has a very different view than most politicians however.

His family fled Iran in the 1970’s just before the Islamic Revolution overthrew the government of the Shah.

“We left everybody behind,” said Hadian. “My father was very successful, but in 1978 things began shifting very quickly.”

Hadian was just a seven-year-old boy when his family arrived in America. Six weeks later the revolution took place. His father was relieved to have his family out of the country.

“He wanted us to have the freedom and opportunity to pursue life,” said Hadian.

After four years, his family moved to Canada.  A change in American law prevented his mother, who'd briefly returned to Iran, from entering back into the United States. In Canada the family was reunited and Hadian's father was a successful small business owner.

Eight years later, Hadian obtained a green card and returned to America. Eight years after that he became a U.S. Citizen. 

“I was very proud of that moment, because I waited a very long time. I studied more than what they required and I learned the founding principles. I'm very proud to be an American citizen. America is my home. That is why I'm so passionate about the principles that built this country.”

He is now on a mission that is clearly expressed on his website and Facebook page.

“I witnessed my birth country lose its freedoms, and now I’ve come to America and this is my home, and I’m seeing America lose her freedoms. I cannot be silent and do nothing. It is time that we stand for the truth and founding principles that have made the United States a beacon of light to the world.”

Hadian saw first hand the freedoms his family and fellow Iranians lost when Islamic radials took over his country and established Shari’ah Law as the law of the land.

“Shari'ah law is the constitution of Islam. There are different levels of application but it is the same. Those who say it can't happen in America are uninformed,” said Hadian.

Hadian says the loss of rights in America won’t come quickly, but over a span of time.

"We think we're free, but in my estimation it's like the frog being boiled in the pot. You don't realize what's happening until it's too late.” Said Hadian.

Hadian converted to Christianity 14 years ago and recently founded the Truth In Love Project.

“That was the most profound change in my life. Growing up Muslim, I was terrified of dying. I never knew where I'd go,” said Hadian. “At first it offended me, but the message of salvation did its job.  It broke my heart and made me see how the one true God wanted abundance for my life.”

As a result of his conversion, his father and family disowned him.

“My life has been forever changed. I enrolled in Bible college and became a pastor. I don't fear death. In the west we are uninformed: their version of god is not personal - it's not a personal relationshipi. I now have a personal relationship with the one true God.”

He travels around Washington State and the country speaking about what he sees as the threat of radical Islam and oppressive Shari’ah Law in America, the importance of civic engagement, protecting our Constitution and the rule of law from application of foreign law, national security, and standing with the nation of Israel

"Those who accuse me of fear mongering need to do their homework, ” said Hadian.  He says his message is a message of hope, that America can still be the land of the free.

Thursday, April 11th, Hadian will be speaking at Spangle Community Church, 305 E. 2nd St. in Spangle Washington. It begins at 6:30p.m..   Admission is free.


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