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Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

A very nice looking forecast for the Memorial Day weekend but some uninvited guests could disrupt your party or picnic as yellow jackets are already showing up in record numbers.

Experts say there are an unprecedented number of yellow jacket queens flying around this spring and they threaten to breed clouds of offspring. If you don't like having your barbecue buzzed it's time to start your battle against yellow jackets now.

The people who put out their yellow jacket traps early this year are seeing some disturbing results.

Queens are emerging in record numbers after fattening up during a long and mild fall.

"Well the large number of queens that we're seeing right now kind of really adds up to a perfect storm for hornets and yellow jackets this summer," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Products said.

Right now queens are looking for nesting spots. If they find a suitable throne in your yard, your trouble with yellow jackets will multiply.

"Each yellow jacket queen can represent 200 to 2000 yellow jackets later on this summer depending on the colony size," Alyssa Ando with Rescue Pest Products said.

Shock supporting 2nd Harvest at Friday's game

Shock supporting 2nd Harvest at Friday's game

If you plan on cheering on the Spokane Shock Friday evening, make sure to bring along a couple nonperishable food items. The Shock will be collecting food for Second Harvest during Friday’s home game against the San Jose SaberCats.

All Shock fans that donate donate two or more non-perishable food items will receive a free pair of Shock sunglasses. Items most needed by Second Harvest include:

Woman rescued morning after crashing down embankment

Woman rescued morning after crashing down embankment

Rescue crews have rescued a woman who crashed her car down an embankment at South Jackson Road and East Drumheller Road near Rockford.

Police say the woman crashed her vehicle down the embankment around 8 p.m. Wednesday, but didn't call police until Thursday morning.

The woman was able to provide a description of where she was and they located her.

Her vehicle was pulled up the embankment.

Police say it didn't appear the woman had any major injuries. She is being evaluated at the hospital.

Washington Department of Health links E. coli outbreak to north Idaho company

Washington Department of Health links E. coli outbreak to north Idaho company

The Washington Department of Health has issued a consumer warning for raw clover sprouts from an Idaho producer because of an E. coli outbreak.

The first of ten cases was reported on May 1. Five cases in Spokane County, three in north Idaho and two in King County.

"These are all individuals who ate raw clover sprouts on sandwiches," Dorothy MaCeachern, epidemiologist with the Department of Health said.

Health officials have linked the outbreak to Evergreen Fresh Sprouts in Moyie Springs, Idaho.

Sprouts were eaten at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches locations in King and Spokane counties, two Pita Pit locations in Spokane County, and a Daanen's Deli and Jimmy John's in Kootenai County.

"Nine out of 10 individuals were sure they had sprouts, the other person was a little unsure, maybe they did maybe they didn't," MaCeachern said.

E. coli is a reportable disease, so health facilities must alert the Department of Health when they see a case.

"We interview the individuals, asking a wide variety of questions that have to do with what they've been doing during the incubation period for that particular bacteria," MaCeachern said.

Not guilty but not free

Not guilty but not free

It's been almost five years now since Spokane was shocked by the news that a mentally ill killer Phillip Paul walked away from a field trip at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.

Paul became the focus of a statewide manhunt while angry parents wondered how their kids could be sharing the fair with someone who a judge decided criminally insane.

The security lapse led to resignations, new state laws and a lockdown at Eastern State Hospital but now the changes put into place to keep mental health patients away from public settings are being challenged in federal court.

If you think claiming to be mentally ill is a clever way for criminals to dodge a conviction and avoid prison time Ketema Ross will tell you otherwise.

The former Yale law student has been locked up years longer than he would have been if he had just pleaded guilty in criminal court and even now what happened at the fairgrounds back in 2009 is still making it tough for Ross to earn back his freedom.

VA employees past and present voice concerns over management

VA employees past and present voice concerns over management

President Obama has ordered a comprehensive investigation of Veterans Affairs hospitals, but despite the president's forceful words to take action, the scandal is not going away as more current and former VA employees come forward with concerns.

Some of the biggest concerns that current and former employees of the VA are saying is there is a disconnect with management, a division and lack of communication that creates discontent in the system and ultimately effects services to veterans.

When the scandal at the VA hospital in Phoenix broke, eyes turned back to the Spokane VA Medical Center, where Phoenix VA hospital administrator Sharon Helman used to work as the hospital director from March 2008 to January 2010.

"We thought she was sharp alright, she was a good politician but she was not a good director," former VA employee Carroll McInroe said.

McInroe worked for the VA at that time and says immediately things started to fall apart.

"After she arrived 16 professionals walked out the door and a lot of those were our top MDs. Our top MDs pretty much left," said McInroe.

How to protect yourself from the eBay data breach

How to protect yourself from the eBay data breach

If you use eBay, change your password. That's the message from the company after hackers broke into the online retail site and now have customer names, passwords, email addresses and other sensitive information.

The online marketplace says there is no evidence financial information was stolen, but if you are one of the 145 million people with an account on eBay... Some of your personal information, like your date of birth and address, could be in the hands of hackers, but there are things you can do to ward off hackers, according to Chelsea Maguire with the Better Business Bureau.

"It's very important that people change their passwords regularly, we often just get very used to it and we don't want to try to remember something new but when you do change your password regularly it reduces your risk of any hacker going through and find that information," Maguire said.

If you're changing your password, make it something difficult to thwart hackers.

"Simple numbers, your child's birth date, name, those are easily guessed and found, make sure it is very complicated, has uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols," Maguire said.