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Inland Northwest LBGT sounds off on DOMA ruling | News

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Inland Northwest LBGT sounds off on DOMA ruling

Local same sex couple rejoice as the United States Supreme Court rules DOMA unconstitutional.

"Huge, huge moment," Carol Ehrhart with the Inland Northwest LBGT Center said.

Erhart and several others held a news conference in Spokane Wednesday morning to weigh in on the landmark decision.

"The�LBGT community has been on a big wave of gaining rights that we didn't have previously and I think that this is just going to continue and get better for our community," Marvo Reguindin with the Inland Northwest Business Alliance said.

The Supreme Court ruling recognizes�same sex couples at the�federal level, making way for those�couples to access the same federal benefits as married couples.

"Social security benefits, inheritance rights, this is a really broad, broad thing," said Ehrhart.

"This is about equality, this isn't changing anyone's marriage, outside of those married to people of the same sex.� Anyone else if they don't approve, then don't marry someone of the same sex, your household is the same and now I get to file a joint income tax return with my wife," she added.

Washington is one of 12 states to legalize same sex marriage.� Right now, there are 2,400 same sex married couples in Washington and some believe that more people will say "I Do" with this latest ruling.


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