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Budget battle approaches deadline | News

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Budget battle approaches deadline

Lawmakers have been locked in a budget battle for months and the clock is ticking. If a deal isn't reached in 12 days - parts of state government will essentially shut down.

Washington State Representative Kevin Parker says he's confident the house and senate will hammer out a last-minute budget deal.

?I can tell you that both sides of the aisle are very anxious to wrap up,? Parker said.

But what happens if they don't?

WA Governor Jay Inslee says: ?This would have significant ramifications for the millions of citizens who rely on state services.?

The state patrol and courts would stay in operation, but other statewide services may not.

?It would cause great uncertainty for thousands of vendors, health care providers, teachers, students and state employees,? Parker said.

Governor Inslee says his staff is preparing for a partial government shutdown.

?If there is no budget by July 1, the law doesn't allow for us to keep government operating fully,? Inslee says.

There is time for lawmakers to agree on a deal to fill the 1-billion-dollar shortfall. The biggest problem: how to pay for things.

Today, Washington's quarterly revenue forecast came out with good news. The state has a 231-million-dollar bump in revenue - which may play a big role in budget negotiations.

?That 231 million dollars is a lot more at this stage of the game,? Parker says.


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