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Ants invading Eastern Washington | News

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Ants invading Eastern Washington

Ants! They're invading Eastern Washington and may be heading toward your home. Pest control companies are getting hundreds of calls for help because of an influx of carpenter ants.

The problem this year is the longer winter and spring. A cool start to spring followed by warm weather has led to the ant infestation. When it heats up like this all of a sudden more of these ants hatch and try to find places to burrow in and set up shop for a year or two.

Lance Freeman, the general manager of Prime Pest Control, says his company fielded 400 calls alone.

"We're playing catch up right now, going until about 8 or 9 o'clock at night," he said.

Freeman said the flying ants will find a colony and then rip their wings off. Those are the ones who already set up a home, most in wood, whether its beams or tree stumps.

"These little holes right here, these are from a carpenter ant," Freeman said, pointing out signs of ants.

And if you think the amount of ants you're seeing is common or if you always see a lot of them around your yard Freeman suggested calling a professional.

"If that means every spring they're seeing it, and they've seen it now for a few years? It doesn't mean that nothing's happening behind the walls. What it means is they're just seeing the tail end of it," Freeman said.

That's exactly what Matt Walls did for his South Hill home. Walls is getting his home sprayed Wednesday so it won't be overrun next month or next year.

"Of course I don't want any structural damage running around my house, and getting in the framework and things like that," he said.

With our Spokane weather who knows when ant weather will roll around again.

There's a number of different ant sprays available at your local hardware store but if you have a big problem, you may want to call a professional just in case.


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