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Spokane Stands With Boston | News

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Spokane Stands With Boston
Spokane Stands With Boston


From sea to shining sea, Americans stood by Boston and those injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings on Monday night.  The attack brought back instant memories of the September 11th terror attacks of 2001.

America is a much different place than it was 12 years ago.  Today as the events in Boston unfolded, people turned to social media to not only find out what was happening, but to give their opinion as to what was going on.

“Terrible, but the world needs to expect terrorist acts, during world events, and national events, Satan’s working hard now a days!” wrote Janette Smith on the KXLY4 News Facebook fan page.

“Oh my goodness there’s so much blood. How horrid.” wrote Dawn Blasberg.

The images on television and streaming across the internet did indeed show a lot of blood on the street and sidewalks.  The images were unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years.  The images of hate and anger came at America in record speed.

“IF this is a terrorist attack, how could someone be SO heartless as to do something like this to innocent people!” wrote Bowtie Bob Fryer on the KXLY Facebook page.

Whoever planted the bombs timed them to have the biggest impact.  The four hour mark for a marathon is a common goal for average runners.  The bombs went off shortly after that four hour mark, just when a huge number of moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas would be running to a triumphant finish.  Many of their families would no doubt be at the finish line to watch the culmination of months of training.  It will certainly be a race that they will never forget.

KXLY4 News At 5:00 talked with Spokane racer Rene Guerrero Monday night.  He finished the marathon about 50 minutes before the bombs went off.  He said he hopes the attack doesn’t affect the race next year.  He says it was a beautiful race and that he loved the people of Boston who lined the 26.2 mile course and cheered all the runners.

On Facebook, KXLY asked if the bombing made anyone re-thinking taking part in large Spokane events like Bloomsday or Hoopfest.  The response was an overwhelming, no.

“You can kill me in a bomb attack, but you will NEVER take my country from me and the things I lover doing!!!” wrote Henry Blankenbaker.

“No, I refuse to let some wack job dictate how I live my life,” wrote Mike Momb.

“It doesn’t make me re-think about participating, but I AM more aware of what goes on around me,” wrote Krista Ingram.

For runners, the Boston Marathon has always been one of those mythical giants to conquer.  Now, it has become a rallying call for Americans to conquer those who would try to steal our liberty through terror. 


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