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Wedding vendors preparing for influx of same sex marriage business | News

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Wedding vendors preparing for influx of same sex marriage business

After years of waiting, wedding bells are about to start ringing for same-sex couples across the state. Starting Thursday, same-sex couples will line up across Washington to get their marriage licenses.

This new�law means so much for these couples and all the people that are involved in the wedding process.

Over at the Glover Mansion, couples have been tying the knot for years but things are about to get busier now that more couples are able to legally say "I do."

video "In�the last month, we have actually booked 3 new weddings already so that was exciting," Kellie Hoy with the Glover Mansion said.

The mansion has�a total of 5 same sex weddings coming up.

"2013 is where we are seeing the majority of the weddings being booked,�I actually have one for 2014 as well," Hoy said.

The Glover Mansion isn't the only ones getting into the gay marriage business.

Ralph and Karen Fishburn run Ralph's Regal Weddings. They'll be officiating three same sex weddings just this month; one couple is coming all the way from Texas to get hitched.

"The�couple was so excited, they decided to come up and get married on 12-12-12," Karen Fishburn said.

Over at Boots Bakery & Lounge, owner Alison Collins says as of now she is scheduled to make cakes for two same-sex weddings next year.

"It�feels awesome and it feels like a lot of pressure, wedding cakes are a lot of pressure. It's really important to some people to have a show piece at their wedding," Collins said.


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