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6.97% of registered Spokane County voters have returned ballots | News

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6.97% of registered Spokane County voters have returned ballots
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Almost two weeks remain until the voter deadline for this year’s primary election. This year’s primary on August 7th decides the final two candidates for positions like county commissioner, state representatives, state and U.S. senate.

Since ballots were dropped in late June (for military overseas) and early July (for Spokane County residents), 18,800 voters have already returned their ballots. For Spokane County, that’s only 6.97% of registered voters.

If you haven’t already filled out your ballot, check your mailbox and make sure you received it. The elections office can replace your ballot if you need a new one.

To return your ballot, either stamp on some postage and throw it in your outgoing mail or take it to the nearest library with a drop box.

If you’re interesting in seeing which part of the county has the highest percentage of returned ballot, it may surprise you that Spokane Valley leads that statistic. Ballots for Spokane Valley Fire district lead at 7.71% returned. Legislative District #4, which also includes Spokane Valley, is second with 7.74%.

Below is the full list of ballot return statistics:

2012 Primary Election Stats - 7/25

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