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Otis Orchards veterinary clinic taking care of seven orphaned fawns | News

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Otis Orchards veterinary clinic taking care of seven orphaned fawns
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It’s fawn season in Spokane County and the Ponti Veterinary Hospital has already been visited by quite the number of the small guests. Seven fawns are currently staying at the clinic because concerned citizens have dropped them off thinking they’re alone and even abandoned.

The Otis Orchards hospital thankfully has a wildlife rehabilitator on staff to take care of the orphaned babies. Marilyn Omlor says their current residents were brought in by the public.

“They’ve either seen the doe hit by a car or they’ve seen a fawn out in the wild. We have to take the public’s word that the doe is dead because the doe can leave the fawn for up to ten hours,” Omlor said. “She might be nearby watching you pick up her fawn.”

The hospital has been taking care of the fawns and will continue to do so until September when their spots begin to fade. They know a property owner with large acreage near Deer Park who allow the fawns to be released into the wild. They trust this area because the surrounding property owners do not allow hunting.

In the meantime, Omlor recommends to just leave the fawn alone: “If it’s not injured or the doe hasn’t been confirmed dead, the doe will most likely come back.”

Though that doesn’t stop some people from bringing fawns in, the hospital still takes care of them like it was any client bringing in a pet.

“We’ll look at every single one of these animals before we decide to be here and sometimes they need to be euthanized. They’ve been hit by a car and are so mangled, they can’t be repaired. It’s a tough call for a wildlife rehabilitator to decide to euthanize,” Omlor said. She added, “But more than likely, seven times out of nine, we’re going to have the animals here and we’re going to feed them clean them and at some point of time release them.”

Ponti Veterinary Hospital is located at 25007 E. Wellesley Ave. in Otis Orchards. When fawns are dropped off by visitors, they're asked to donate to help keep up the cost of fawn care. If you would like to help, call (509) 922-7465. 

News, Urban Wildlife

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