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Your Workspace: Combining exercise with work | News

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Your Workspace: Combining exercise with work
Your Workspace: Combining exercise with work

Sitting all day on the job can add on the pounds down the road, but a local non-profit has a solution to that problem. Earlier this year, the Inland Northwest Blood Center installed a “walk station” in a secluded office for their employees to walk and work.

Using an ergonomic standing desk, a treadmill is placed where you’d stand. Elizabeth Giles, spokesperson for the blood center, says it’s a great way to provide an healthy option to their employees.

“The walk station is fantastic if you’re on a conference call or maybe you’re sitting, needing to get work done and type,” Giles said. “It’s great to come in for 45 minutes to an hour to get your work done and get the blood moving.”

The treadmill only goes about two miles per hour, but employees can spend as much time on it as they like through a sign-up sheet.

Speaking of work spaces, we’re starting a weekly project documenting creative and visual desks for those in the Spokane area. It’s kind of like this project done on BusinessWeek, but it will of course have a Spokane twist. If you know of somebody that has an interesting desk, email us at nicoleh@kxly.com.


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