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Marijuana industry under close watch by Liquor Control Board

The Liquor Control Board is on pot patrol making sure recreational marijuana license holders in Washington are following the rules.

Since becoming legal, 67 penalties have been issued by the LCB from May to mid-October

That's roughly 10 percent of license holders. The LCB saying with this new industry it's main focus is on education and making sure everyone knows what's required of them.

At Yield Farms in the Spokane Valley buds are being trimmed and tracked and strains like NYC Diesel will end up in retail stores soon. The LCB has been busy as well.

"Our first day when we got our inspection they came in and said, 'Just follow the rules and everything will be fine.' So we are trying to do that," said Johanna Tuttle with Yield Farms in the Spokane Valley.

Tuttle says the I-502 rollout has been fairly smooth with not an exorbitant number of regulations.

"All in all I think it's very reasonable," said Tuttle.

But that doesn't mean there won't be mistakes. Yield Farms did receive a verbal warning from the LCB in September for failure to report monthly tax reports or payments.

WSP makes arrest in fatal hit and run

The Washington State Patrol has arrested a man in connection with a fatal hit and run Wednesday morning.

WSP says a civilian tip lead them 35-year-old Orlan Knuth. He now faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run.

Commuters spotted 31-year-old James Lee laying in a ditch Wednesday morning near Highway 2 and Nevada in north Spokane. He was pronounced dead at Sacred Heart Medical Center at 8:36 a.m.

WSP reports the Knuth allegedly struck Lee while he was walking along the shoulder of the road.

WSP says the two were associates.

Juvenile collared for arson spree

Spokane County fire officials confirmed Wednesday morning a juvenile has been arrested in their investigation into a string of grass fires across the area.

The juvenile, who is 16, was taken into custody Tuesday evening and has been charged with multiple counts of arson.

The teen, a Central Valley High School student, admitted to starting the fires, including one he claimed he set about 100 yards away from his home. He told detectives when confessed that he was depressed as he recently moved to Washington from Missouri, was unhappy living in Spokane Valley, has no friends, and was acting out his frustrations with school.

Officials declined to say if the teen has a criminal history.

The outpouring of tips and information from the public helped crack the case so quickly, officials said. Multiple people reported seeing the juvenile in a white four-door sedan; fire officials said the boy was seen using multiple cars that were all registered to his family.

Teen showed no sign of giving up arson spree before arrest

The teenager suspected of starting more than a dozen fires around Spokane Valley devoted a lot of his time and money to being a prolific arsonist with no signs of stopping.

Before the teen suspect's arrest Tuesday members of the arson task force were hunting high and low to find the individual responsible for touching off nearly two dozen fires during the driest part of our fire season. Investigators didn't know it at the time, but their suspect had armed himself with a variety of ignition sources.

According to a search warrant, the 16-year-old suspect's car turned up various items including a lighter, packaging for a propane torch and a Wal Mart receipt for a road flares; flares were used to start several fires.

To make things worse the arsonist moved around a lot striking south of I-90 from Pines all the way to Liberty Lake. However it was that mobility that was the suspect's undoing, as a vehicle registered to his family was seen leaveing several fire scenes.

Could THC laced edibles end up in trick-or-treat bags? Not likely.

The legalization of marijuana in Washington has some concerned that edibles laced with THC could make their way into children's candy bags this Halloween.

Those fears are probably more relevant in Colorado where recreational pot shops can sell edibles that look and taste like candy. Retailers in Washington are held to a different standard.

"We're not allowed to have any candies, any gummies so it's going to be more of your baked goods that are heartier and less sweet and sugary" says Eric Skaar, manager a Sativa Sisters, a recreational marijuana shop in the Spokane Valley.

He claims items like gluten-free almond bars and sugar-free oatmeal cookies will be on the menu, not candy. He adds the marijuana law passed in Washington forbids items that might be tempting to children and has safeguards built in.

"It has to be in child proof packaging, nobody's allowed to even make anything for sale that's appealing to children, and it's all labeled keep out of the hands of children and it's at a price point where I don't think anyone's going to be giving this stuff out," he says.

Spokane County ballots mailed today and tomorrow

Spokane County ballots mailed today and tomorrow

Heads up voters, the Spokane County Elections Office is mailing more than 275,000 ballots this week.

If you are a registered voter and do not receive a ballot by Friday, October 24, please contact the Spokane County Elections Office at (509) 477-2320 for a replacement ballot. If you are not a registered voter in the State of Washington, you have until Monday, October 27 to register in person at the Elections Office at 1033 W. Gardner.

If you are returning your ballot by mail, it must be postmarked no later than Election Day – Tuesday, November 4. It is important that you check the pickup time on the mail box to ensure you are not too late. If the last pickup of the day has already been made, please take your ballot to the county's ballot drop boxes located at all city and county libraries, the STA Plaza and the Elections Office. Drop boxes are opened on October 16 and closed promptly at 8 pm on Election Day.

Spokane Humane Society under voluntary quarantine

Spokane Humane Society under voluntary quarantine

The Spokane Human Society is placing itself under a voluntary, 14-day quarantine after receiving two animals infected with deadly and highly contagious diseases at the shelter.

The quarantine began immediately after a 1-year-old dog tested positive for Parvovirus and a 5-month-old kitten tested positive for Feline Distemper. Both are highly contagious viral diseases and are potentially life-threatening to their hosts.

“The closure will allow our cats and dogs to be properly observed,” said Executive Director Dave Richardson. “Our first priority is the health and well-being of the animals in our care at the shelter. Taking this measure will help reduce the chance of spreading the disease. We ask for the public's patience and understanding.”