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Social media abuzz after object streaks across sky

After a large object flew across the Spokane skyline Monday night, residents rushed to social media to question what it was. 

The KXLY 4 News Facebook page was flooded with messages and pictures of users reporting seeing a meteor-like object in the sky. Many people also called the KXLY 4 newsroom, asking what the object could be, while others who saw it described the sight as a bright, slow-moving object with a long tail.

According to SpaceWeather.com the fireballs seen re-entering the Earth's atmosphere were the third stage of a Chinese CZ-4B Long March rocket, which launched the Yaogan Weixing 26 satellite in December.

Owner finds silver lining in burglarized business

One of Spokane's small businesses was burglarized and vandalized this week, but the owners say there's a silver lining at Lucky Detour in Vinegar Flats. A group of people broke into the store and caused about $9,000 worth of damage.

The group smashed a window in the back of the store and destroyed merchandise inside.

Since the attack, owner Celeste Shaw said there has been an outpouring of support from the community, including people offering to help clean up, even leaving flowers outside their door.

Celeste said she's been amazed by the support and is thankful for the people supporting her and local businesses.

"It's amazing to me that someone would do something like this because I think they've really underestimated Spokane," she said. "I think they underestimate the community as a whole that Spokane is intolerant to that, that we're an anti-bullying city, that people join together in a really remarkable camaraderie. And what they did for bad has really done nothing other than create something really amazing. "

Seasonal weight restrictions in effect on Spokane County roads

Seasonal weight restrictions in effect on Spokane County roads


Seasonal weight restrictions are in effect on many Spokane County roads and will continue until further notice.


Roadway surfaces, and the structures beneath the surface, have become weakened during this winter's cycle of freezing temperatures, followed by warmer temperatures and precipitation. As a result, roads are vulnerable to severe damage and the implementation of weight restrictions reduces the need for increased road maintenance and vehicle repairs later this year. The County said these changes can differ each year. This means that different roads may, or may not, be restricted and the time frame for implementing the restrictions.


Tax dispute could end in lawsuit between City of Spokane and county

A feud is brewing between the City of Spokane and Spokane County over tax exemptions for the newly passed streets levy. The matter is getting so heated, it could result in a lawsuit.

In November, the City of Spokane voters approved two levies.

"The one for streets was a levy lid lift. That is considered a regular levy. The one for parks was a special levy," said Martha Lou Wheatley-Billeter with Spokane County.

After the county sent out property tax assessments to citizens, including those in the City of Spokane, the city council passed an ordinance that would exempt certain homeowners from paying taxes on the streets levy.

"We're talking about low income seniors and low income individuals," said Marlene Feist with the City of Spokane.

The city wrote a letter to the county citing the new ordinance, and asked them to send amended notices.

"What we're asking them to do is to go ahead and abide by our ordinance and offer that exception to that street levy to offer that exception to the 4,000 people in the Spokane area, the City of Spokane," said Feist.

The difference totals $107,000 or roughly $25 per person.

Partial phone outage in Cheney

A safety advisory has been issued by the Spokane County 911 Center regarding some landline problems in Cheney, WA. Some residents in Cheney may not be able to contact 911 with their landline phone.

Cheney residents who need to contact 911 in an emergency should either call Crime Check at 456-2233, or use a cell phone to contact 911.

Rose Rush spreads the joy on Valentine's Day

One doesn't have to be the loneliest number this Valentine's Day.

February 14, 2015, marks the 5th annual Rose Rush, dedicated to the women out there who may not have a valentine, but still deserve to feel special.

150 lucky ladies from Post Falls to Airway Heights received roses at their door from two brothers who decided to make it their mission that no woman in the region, would be lonely on Valentine's Day!

Seth Stewart has grown accustomed to the confusion when he knocks on women's doors holding a rose. It's quickly followed with a smile once they realize what's going on.

Stewart and his brother started Rose Rush five years ago, spending hundreds out of pocket to fund it.

"We heard a lot of girls complaining about not having a Valentine so we're like, 'Hey, let's just go deliver to these girls who don't have valentines,'" Stewart said.

Growing from about 18 deliveries the first year, to now over 100. Most of the women were nominated by friends, or even just acquaintances.

"The more I do it the more I love doing it, there's a lot of interesting stories," Stewart said.

Proposed transportation budget funds N-S Freeway, raises gas tax

The Washington State Senate may have found a way to fund the completion of Spokane's north-south freeway but it may mean paying more at the gas pump. Lawmakers unveiled a $15 billion dollar transportation package on Thursday that would fund more than 100 state wide transportation projects.

Projects in Spokane include: $861 million dollars to finish the North Spokane Corridor, $23.6 million for Medical Lake and Geiger interchanges and $13.5 million to add a passing lane on U.S. 195 between Colfax and Spangle.

The package calls for an 11.7 cent gas tax increase over the next three years. The plan is to raise the gas tax by 5 cents a gallon as early as this summer, then increase another 4.7 cents the following year and then 2.5 cents the year after that.

?As far as the tax, it would be pretty hard to get me to vote for it,? said one person who called into KXLY's AM 920 radio show.