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New Seed Lending Library in Otis Orchards

New Seed Lending Library in Otis Orchards

Otis Orchards Library announced the grand opening of a brand new seed lending library!

The grand opening will begin with a seed propagation class and seed exchange on Saturday, February 7, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. A series of gardening programs all featuring local Master Gardeners, will continue every Saturday in February to help participants prepare for spring. All events will be held at the Otis Orchards Library at 22324 E Wellesley.

A seed lending library allows participants to borrow from a selection of vegetable and flower seeds at any time during the year. They can then plant the seeds in their gardens and watch them grow. When it is time to harvest, participants are asked to let a plant or two go to seen, then bring them back to the library for the next round of gardeners to enjoy.

For more details on the Seed Lending Library’s grand opening contact the Otis Orchards Library at 509-893-8390. 

Dates for the gardening series below:

  • Seed Library Kick-Off, Seed Swap, and Seed Propagation class with Master Gardener Steve Nokes
    Saturday, February 7, 10:30am-12:30pm


Lowe's stores to accept Red Cross donations through Aug. 27

Lowe's stores to accept Red Cross donations through Aug. 27

In response to the recent wildfires in Washington and Oregon, Lowe's has activated its customer donation program in all Washington and Oregon stores to provide a convenient place for customers to make financial donations to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Donations enable to Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small, like the wildfires in several states.

In Washington, the Red Cross has served nearly 33,000 meals and snacks to affected residents and distributed more than 3,500 cleanup supplies. In Oregon, the Red Cross served more than 2,000 meals and snacks and opened four shelters in response to the wildfires.

As a member of the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, Lowe's pledges donations on an ongoing basis in advance of disasters to help the Red Cross deliver immediate aid to communities in need.

Since partnering with Red Cross in 1999, Lowe's and its customers have contributed more than $25 million for disaster relief.

Could last week's storm lower your taxes?

Could last week's storm lower your taxes?

If your property took a big hit during last week's storm, did you know your federal taxes could be impacted?

The Spokane County Assessor's Office is responsible for administering a state program for property that has been destroyed by natural disasters called “Taxpayer’s Claim for Reduction of Assessments resulting from Destroyed Real or Personal Property or Loss of Value in a Declared Disaster Area.”

Qualifying property owners will receive an adjustment to the taxes due for 2014, depending on the value of the remaining property. If the property is a total loss, then abatement (tax reduction or exemption) will be done for the remainder of the year.

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

A very nice looking forecast for the Memorial Day weekend but some uninvited guests could disrupt your party or picnic as yellow jackets are already showing up in record numbers.

Experts say there are an unprecedented number of yellow jacket queens flying around this spring and they threaten to breed clouds of offspring. If you don't like having your barbecue buzzed it's time to start your battle against yellow jackets now.

The people who put out their yellow jacket traps early this year are seeing some disturbing results.

Queens are emerging in record numbers after fattening up during a long and mild fall.

"Well the large number of queens that we're seeing right now kind of really adds up to a perfect storm for hornets and yellow jackets this summer," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Products said.

Right now queens are looking for nesting spots. If they find a suitable throne in your yard, your trouble with yellow jackets will multiply.

"Each yellow jacket queen can represent 200 to 2000 yellow jackets later on this summer depending on the colony size," Alyssa Ando with Rescue Pest Products said.

Health District working to help you keep insects, rodents at bay

Health District working to help you keep insects, rodents at bay

Flowers are blooming, spring is in full swing, and that means the insects are coming out, but there are a few things you can do to keep those unwanted summer guests away from your home.

The Spokane Regional Health District has launched a campaign called "Bring It, Summer Pests!" and its goal is to give people tips on what they can do to keep insects and rodents away from their home.

Next week's forecast calls for sunny and 70s but with warmer weather comes unwanted insects. Steve Main with the health district has some ideas on how to keep them away.

First up? Mosquitoes.

"Any standing water you find in your property is perfect habitat for mosquito breeding, something as small as a child's toy or a gutter or even a tarp like this has enough standing water to breed mosquitoes," he said.

Main said you should drain anything outside your home that holds water, about twice a week.

As for rodents, he has some advice on how you can get rid of them.

Nonprofit builds Deer Park homes

Nonprofit builds Deer Park homes

Lin Hunt wanted a better life for her daughter and grandson. She feared for their safety and was sick of throwing money away into her rental.

"We could sit out on our porch and hear the car crashes the fights, the sirens, the gun shots every night," said Hunt.

Hunt never believed she would be a homeowner. Almost three years ago she was given the opportunity when Habitat for Humanity approved her application.

"They think that people are going to move in here free they don't move in here free, you have certain criteria you have to meet," said Hunt.

Each household is required to complete 500 hours of "sweat equity," or in other words volunteer work for the organization, before they are able to move in. Hunt and her daughter have completed their sweat equity and are now hoping their house will be finished by the summer.

"We would not have a house if we did not have volunteers everyone asks us when do you expect your home to be completed, we do not know that will depend totally on the volunteers," said Hunt.

Area greenhouses ready for business

Area greenhouses ready for business

Spring is finally here, which means it's just about time to get out and start growing, and Green's Greenhouse is one of many 'growing' businesses in the area ready to put your green thumb to good use out in the yard.

In 2012 owners Dan Dunn and Brian Green took a big risk and built a small greenhouse on their property hoping their business idea would grow. Well, a little patience, some good soil and about three years later Green's Greenhouse has blossomed into something that even they didn't expect. Now, they are just working to keep up

"The more word that gets out there the more customers we get and it just keeps growing," Dunn said.

When you're in Dan's business 'growing' is the name of the game. He and his partner Brian invested everything they had into their property out in Paradise Prairie between Spokane and Cheney. Brian's the true expert; his love for plants was discovered as a kid helping in his grandmother's garden. He went on to work in nurseries and couldn't get enough

"I just loved it and my passion just developed from there, I put myself through college and ended up in this, and couldn't be happier. It's fantastic," Green said.