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4-year-old girl experiences snow for first time | Families

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4-year-old girl experiences snow for first time
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4-year-old girl experiences snow for first time


Three days ago, Addison Cheney had no idea what snow was actually like.

Growing up in Pensacola, Fla., little Addison, 4, had never experienced winter weather, and her mom said that it was one of the main reasons she was excited to move to the Inland Northwest. The Cheney family moved in to Addison's grandparents' house in Cheney, Wash., on Sunday, Jan. 6.

Then Jan. 7 and the 8+ inches of snow came and Addison couldn't have been more “ecstatic,” according to her mother Elizabeth.

“She was running around, saying 'It's snowing, grandpa! It's snowing!' ” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said that Addison and her 1-year-old sister must have made more than 30 snow angels in the yard to go with their first-ever snowman.

“She played outside for hours,” Elizabeth said. “She was absolutely exhausted when she came inside.”

Elizabeth said that Addison wants to go sledding at some point but right now she is “pretty content making snow angels and snowmen.”

But before she got a chance to play in the snow, Addison was excited to pick out her snow gear.

“We got her snowpants, and a nice little pink snowsuit and boots,” Elizabeth said. “You can't exactly shop for a winter jacket in Florida.”

Families, People, Weather

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