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Click it if you have an outstanding warrant
Click it if you have an outstanding warrant


A defective brake light and a passenger not wearing his seatbelt lead to a man's arrest on Monday in Spokane Valley.

SV Sheriff's Deputy Mark Holthous was patrolling the area of 4th and University when he witnessed a 1997 Ford Escort with the malfunctioning light. When asked, one of the passengers – who was not wearing a seatbelt – said he did not have identification and gave his last name as “Spears.”

Gabriel C. Ashby, 22, also said that his birthday was in January of 1990, and then spelled his name “Speers” when Holthaus said that he couldn't find a record for who Ashby claimed to be.

Due to these inconsistencies, “Deputy Holthaus detained Ashby and conducted a pat search for weapons, locating a set of brass knuckles in Ashby's pocket,” according to a news release from the SVPD.

After being put under arrest Ashby gave the officer his real name and date-of-birth, which was checked by the deputy, who subsequently found that Ashby had an active felony warrant for possession of a controlled substance from Newport, Wash.


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