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Washington calls together the Keepers of the Capsule | Community Spirit

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Washington calls together the Keepers of the Capsule
Washington calls together the Keepers of the Capsule

Nearly 25 years years ago, 10-year-olds from across Washington State were sworn in as Keepers of the Washington Centennial Time Capsule. Now, the Keepers of the Capsule are being asked to convene once again to fill the next capsule chamber and recruit a new generation of capsule keepers.

The capsule was sealed in 1989 as part of the state’s centennial celebration. It is unique in that it has 16 chambers that are meant to be filled every 25 years. The capsule is scheduled to be opened in 2389 on Washington’s 500th birthday. Students from across the state who were born in November of 1979 were invited to be Keepers.

As Washington approaches it’s 125th birthday, the original Keepers are being asked to come together to help recruit the next generation of Keepers. The Keepers of the Capsule, a non-profit organization, is working with the Office of the Secretary of State to track to down all the original Keepers who are now approaching their 34th birthdays.

Keepers are invited to attend the group’s first meeting in nearly 25 years on November 12th. The original Keepers will come together in Olympia to reconnect, elect board members, and to discuss the next generation of this once in a generation group.

For more information visit the Washington State Keepers of the Capsule Facebook page.

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