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Footloose in the Palouse turns your attic finds into eBay treasure | Business

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Footloose in the Palouse turns your attic finds into eBay treasure
Footloose in the Palouse turns your attic finds into eBay treasure

Do you know what collectibles may be lurking in your attic? A new business in Rockford is here to help you turn those attic finds into cash treasures.


Laurie and Bill Benson opened Footloose in the Palouse, an eBay consignment business in early March, and so far they've been greeted with great enthusiasm.


“Everyday is like Christmas, you never know what's going to walk through the door,” says Laurie adding that they'll sell anything online. The Benson's are working hard to not only sell items on eBay for their clients, but also to educate the community on what has become collectible.


Footloose in the Palouse was born after Laurie was laid off from her job. With Bill being a disabled veteran they were looking for a new adventure. The Bensons decided to turn their hobby into a business. Together, they have been selling on eBay for about five years and because it's been a great side project for themselves they thought it would be great to share their skills with the community.


For each item they sell, Footloose in the Palouse charges a minimum commission of $10, but there are no upfront costs. In addition to selling your item, the Bensons clean and photograph them, write a detailed description, list the item, and handle all buyer interactions. Once your item sells, Footloose in the Palouse handles all the shipping. Finally, they cut you a check once all sales and shipping is complete.


“The best thing about what we do is that if we make money, our friends and family make money too,” says Laurie. She goes on to say that in this modern day and age there's no reason why you can't sell globally while still enjoying the small town quality of life.


Have an item you think might bring in the dough on eBay? Drop by the Footloose in the Palouse office and the Bensons will help you determine how much it could sell for and handle all the hard work. Have a large collection or item but don't want to bring it all in? Bill and Laurie make house calls if you live in a 25 mile radius of Rockford.


For more information or to sell your treasures on eBay visit http://www.footlooseinthepalouse.com or check out their Facebook page.


Footloose in the Pa louse, 3 South 1st, Rockford, WA, (509) 291-3275

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