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Perry District welcomes new restaurant Casper Fry | Business

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Perry District welcomes new restaurant Casper Fry
Perry District welcomes new restaurant Casper Fry

Deb Green put a lot of love into her newest restaurant creation, Casper Fry, co-owned with her daughter and son. After all, it’s named after her great-grandfather, a Spokane minister who preached at the former Liberty Park Baptist Church. The southern-inspired venue opened quietly on Wednesday for lunch, but word soon escaped that they were taking orders for shrimp po’boy, grits, and mac and cheese in a cast-iron dish.

Green and her family isn’t new to the restaurant business. They already own Madeleine’s in downtown Spokane. Don’t expect the same style though because Green says her new restaurant is the polar opposite.

“I kind of think of Casper Fry as Madeleine’s naughty brother. They’re just so different. Madeleine’s is feminine,” Green described. “Casper Fry is very masculine and industrial.”

They had to get the wood floor just right with layers of varnish and staining so guests could walk on what appears to be vintage hardwood floors. They brought in the slabs of wood from a demolished farm in Ritzville. The planks of salvaged wood make up the ceiling and even the tables. They were made specifically by two carpenters who live in the neighborhood.

With a neighborhood already striving for a variety of amenities, Casper Fry comes to the Perry Business District for its Spokane sub-culture. Following the footsteps of South Perry Pizza, Green feels they can do something there.

“It’s just thriving and growing. [Casper Fry is] a family owned business. As a family from Spokane and a parent who has raised her family in the city, we’re really committed to the revitalization of this neighborhood and bringing jobs to people,” Green said.

A brick wall inside the restaurant features a painting of her great-grandfather. Just across the street from the restaurant, the Spokane Buddhist Temple stands where the Liberty Park Baptist Church once stood. It's there Fry was a minister. 

“He was a southern-born baptist minister. That’s where the menu came from. The more stories we heard about Casper, the more the menu evolved into becoming a Southern-inspired menu,” Green added.

The restaurant’s chef helps with their theme’s mission. Joshua Martin grew up in Detroit, but he still had his grandmother’s Southern cooking to bring him up. Some of those dishes can be found on the menu.

Fry passed away in 1955. Green says she was born five years too late to meet him, but everything she learned about him, she learned from her mother and uncle. We’re not sure what Fry would think of his namesake restaurant were he alive today, but if he was, he’d learn he has two generations of Fry descendants remembering a man they never met.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Monday. They’re located at 928 S. Perry. Their menu is located online at their website: www.casperfry.com. If you're wondering how their food is, food and libation website, SpoCool has a review from their opening day.


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