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Checking Out Stop N' Go Family Drive-In's Newest Location | Business

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Checking Out Stop N' Go Family Drive-In's Newest Location
Checking Out Stop N' Go Family Drive-In's Newest Location

Going back to basics is what Phil Costello did when he opened the newest location of Stop N' Go Family Drive-In two weeks ago. The prices and style bring you back to a time when things were simple. All you needed was a little cash in your pocket. You can relive that dream at the newest burger-joint to spring up in North Spokane.

Costello bought the former transmission shop last July and began tearing it up. When he walked into the building for the first time, sheet rock was hanging from the ceiling.

They’re keeping in style with the location’s former identity. Photographs of classic cars line the slim hallway leading up to the order stand. Metal columns that supported the roof over the fuel pumps still remain, but the remodeling construction enclosed them and they act as the outer corners for the dining area.

The former transmission shop’s garages also stuck with the remodeling. Costello says during the summer time, they’ll be able to open them up for a breezy atmosphere featuring outdoor seating.

The retro design kind of reminds you of Seattle and Spokane’s version of Dick’s, but Costello says the only difference between his business and theirs is the lack of birds and bums.

“And we let you come inside,” Costello said.

Another big difference that Costello highlights on his menu, the hamburger patties are made of 100% ground beef. All burgers come with onions, pickles and a special sauce unless otherwise requested.

The cash-only restaurant serves up the staple menu of a diner: burgers, fries and shakes. The prices for core menu options range from $1.25 to $6.50, which includes tax. They’re keeping their prices lower by only taking cash. Costello says the gas station across the street ran out of money in their ATM when they first opened because so many people were withdrawing cash.

One thing you’ll notice immediately when you walk in from the east entrance, they have a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser, consisting of over 100 choices of flavor types. Using your ten fingers, you can count just how many exist in the Spokane area. You can make your Diet Coke raspberry flavored if you like.

Stop N' Go Family Drive-In is located at 6325 N Wall St, a block north of Francis Ave. For more information about the restaurant including their menu, visit their website and Facebook.

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