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Life and death (actually, just death) in Spokane County |

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Life and death (actually, just death) in Spokane County
Life and death (actually, just death) in Spokane County

The subject seems a bit morbid, but it's one of life's few certainties. Death is the lifeblood of Spokane County's Medical Examiner's Office and with its yearly report now online, we get an interesting glimpse at death in our county.

  • There were 21 homicides in the county in 2012. That's three more than 2011, down eight from 2010
  • Of those homicides, 11 people were killed by guns, five were strangled, one was an abused child, 3 were stabbed and 1 died from "homcidial violence."
  • The most homicides (6) happened in December. There were no homicides in the summer months
  • 80 people chose to end their own lives in 2012, 10 more than the previous two years
  • 42 of those suicides were people who shot themselves
  • The most suicides happened in the month of May
  • Vehicle deaths are down significantly - 10% fewer than the year before
  • July saw the most accidental deaths - 35 that month alone
  • 88 deaths were attributed to prescription and/or illegal drugs
  • 11 of those were suicide, 4 were undetermined, 73 were accidents


To read the full report, click here.

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