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Maggie is my heart hero this week |

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Maggie is my heart hero this week
Maggie is my heart hero this week

I'm kneeling and Maggie is standing and yet she is ten feet tall the way she works out. Always curious about people and being so shy , I start a conversation with Maggie. She is not sure why I'm asking about her work outs and when she started going to the gym but then a twinkle and a giggle when she figures out I'm the weatherman and suddenly all is ok.

Maggie is 83 and works out three days a week and has been in the gym for 43 years, I am impressed, she has to climb into some of the equipment due to her lack of height. She adds with a laugh that she has always been a tom-boy.

My workout has some added features including the bench press with an empty bar bell (45lbs) and a military press (20lbs). These weights while not impressive have made me sweat and once again this process has you checking the ego at the door.

If you want to push yourself try the crunches while supporting yourself with the elbows...man oh man.

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