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Level II Sex Offender Moves to Colville Area

Level II Sex Offender Moves to Colville Area

The Stevens County Sheriff's Office wants residents to be aware of a Level II sex offender that has moved to the Colville area.

Terry L. Thomas, 57, was convicted of third degree rape in Spokane County in 2008. He is 5”10', 175 pounds with brown eyes and is bald. Thomas is currently listed as a transient.

Thomas is not wanted by the police at this time, but the Sheriff's Office stated in the press release that they believe “an informed public is a safer public”.

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County and Spokane Valley public pools open

School's out for the summer and the public pools around the area are starting to open up!

The North and Southside Aquatic Centers opened up on Friday while the Spokane Valley Pools opened for the season on Saturday. The city pools open on Monday.

If you head to the county pools on Father's Day, your dad will get in free! The county pools are open everyday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

A county-wide swim pass program, "Make a Splash," is shy on funding this year, and kids in the area that can't afford to swim could use some help.

"It's a wonderful program that we use through 'Make a Splash,' and the Spokane Parks Foundation is where you would go to donate for that It really helps a lot of kids who other wise aren't able to otherwise go swimming during the summer, so it makes a really big difference," said Spokane Valley Recreation Coordinator Jennifer Papich.

Entrepeneurs preparing to grow pot for state

On December 1 everyone in Washington will find out who will be allowed to grow and sell marijuana, and already many people are constructing business plans to compete for coveted pot licenses.

On September 14, Washington will start accepting applications from people who want to grow, process, and sell marijuana.

They'll be selective. David, who asked not to be identified, hopes he gets picked.

"I've had other growers show me their grow operations and I feel like I could produce a good crop," he said.

David is close to closing on a piece of land in Eastern Washington -- more than 20-acres -- to grow and process cannabis.

"It would be similar to a government site where people had trade secrets or had security issues to where they wanted to make sure nobody accessed the site," he explained.

David says he's a pot user and has a degree in agriculture. His plans on the land would include a large home with grow rooms.

"The plans right now indicate we're going to have a safe. We're going to have a vault area," David said.

He'd also include an outdoor greenhouse all to the Washington State Liquor Control Board's standard.

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WSP increasing patrols to crack down on drunk driving

A mangled mess is usually the end result when someone combines drugs or alcohol and a motor vehicle. Impaired driving fatalities account for 31 percent of the total motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the US and in Spokane that's no exception.

"Continually we see that impaired driving is one of the leading causes of death on our roadways in Washington State," said Trooper Jeff Sevigney.

To combat that trend, starting next month the Washington State Patrol will be increasing their presence on our roadways.

"Six troopers and a sergeant will be new here in Spokane starting July 1st," said Sevigney.

These are experienced officers who have shown a knack for catching impaired drivers. In fact that will be their number one goal, putting drunk drivers behind bars.

"They have data that shows them where they need to be where they need to be working to prevent those tragedies from occurring," said Sevigney.

These troopers will also be working closely with prosecutors so even if an alleged drunk driver refuses a breathalyzer the officer can get permission for a blood draw.

10,500 mile bike ride benefits cochlear implant candidates

10,500 mile bike ride benefits cochlear implant candidates

Jacob Landis, a 24- year- old who was once deaf,  received a cochlear implant  at the age of ten that changed his life completely. Now, he is determined to raise 1 million dollars to benefit children who need cochlear implants and cannot afford it.

In order to accomplish this number, Landis is combining his passion for cycling, baseball and his desire to help others. He is making a 10,000+ mile bike ride all around the country this baseball season, stopping at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

Jacob is biking through Spokane very soon, around Friday June, 14th, on his way from Target Field in Minnesota to his 16th ball park, Safeco Field in Seattle. Jacob is stopping in at the police station in Lewistown where Chief Birdwell will be holding much needed packages from home.

Fathers Day forecast - My gift to Dads

Fathers Day forecast - My gift to Dads

Some clouds hanging out today then clearing tonight.

Saturday we have a ridge of high pressure that lasts through the weekend and then weekens into Monday.

Next week another cool and vigorous system moves in with showers and cooler temps.

Enjoy Father's day.