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Your adventure awaits... at the library this summer

Your adventure awaits... at the library this summer

Become the characters you read about... archaeologists, explorers, forensic scientists. You may be surprised to know all that's going on behind the doors at Spokane County's Libraries.

There are always activities for children, including summer reading clubs. But, did you know that our libraries have tons of things for adults, too? This summer you have the opportunity to learn, first hand about a variety of topics: from how to attract birds to your garden, to emergency preparedness and the Oregon Trail journey to a music and juggling show.

Check out the activities going on in your library.. by clicking here.

Graphic court testimony shows how Chanin Starbuck died

On the second day of testimony in the Clay Starbuck murder trial, testimony from the Starbuck children and the introduction of graphic images were shown to the jury to show how she was found after she was killed.

While the children were called to the stand as witnesses for prosecutors, don't make the mistake of thinking they were testifying against their father. They have repeatedly said they think their father is innocent of killing their mother Chanin.

Up until now, the Starbuck kids have had to wait out in the hallway outside the courtroom. As witnesses, they were barred from the courtroom. But now that they've offered their testimony they may chose to watch the rest of the trial.

Fortunately, the children weren't in court when prosecutors introduce more than a hundred crime scene photos. The state is using pictures to put the jury in the same room where Chanin was attacked. Most of the imagery are very graphic, showing that Starbuck had been beaten from head to toe and was also posed after her death to further degrade her.

ATV safety courses provide valuable skills to keep you safe

ATV safety courses provide valuable skills to keep you safe

In last two weeks Eastern Washington and North Idaho have seen over five ATV accidents including one death in the LC Valley last week. While ATV riding is fun, it's important to learn proper technique to remain safe.


“We think it takes special skills to ride an ATV,” says Dale Stevens, a licensed ATV safety instructor with the ATV Safety Institute. ASI is a non-profit sponsored by the all the major ATV manufacturers. Instructors like Stevens teach regular safety classes to educate riders on proper technique, safety skills and the responsibilities that come with owning and riding ATVs.


After taking his course many riders tell Stevens that they didn't know what a work out riding is and that they expected it to be easier. Stevens says that a lot of people expect ATVs to be like riding a couch on wheels but it that it takes a lot of physical effort and knowledge of how ATVs operate to remain safe while riding.


Armed Forces Day Observances Planned For All Furniture Row Stores

Armed Forces Day Observances Planned For All Furniture Row Stores


Furniture Row will host Military Appreciation Nights in each of its 330 stores nationwide on May 17th, the eve of Armed Forces Day. Established in 1949, Armed Forces Day provides a single holiday for all Americans to express their gratitude to those who have given so much in patriotic service to our country.

Military Appreciation Nights will be held from 3pm to 9pm on Friday, May 17th inside all the specialty stores of Furniture Row­; Denver Mattress, Sofa Mart, Oak Express, and Bedroom Expressions. All Active Duty, Former, and Retired Military, as well as Reservist and Members of the National Guard, are invited to come with their families for an evening of celebration and recognition.

To help spread the word, Furniture Row will be taking to the tracks at both Talladega and Darlington raceways with a new commemorative Military Appreciation Night design on the famous Furniture Row Racing #78 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet, driven by Kurt Busch.

Detective takes stand at Starbuck murder trial

Detectives who investigated the 2010 killing of Deer Park resident Chanin Starbuck took to the stand at Clay Starbuck's murder trial Monday.

Starbuck is accused of killing his ex-wife Chanin in her Deer Park home in 2010. During his testimony Detective James Dresback with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said Starbuck offered information without being asked about her personal and sex life, at one point saying, 'Just look at her phone and laptop and that'll tell you everything you need to know.'

This is important because the prosecution believes Starbuck killed Chanin, posed her body in a sexual manner, and sent ghost tests from her phone to men she had been dating.

They think he did this to draw attention away from himself and onto the men she had met online.

Dresback said Starbuck spent a lot of the time in their interview crying -- though he never saw any tears -- and at one point when Starbuck had collected himself asked, 'What do you think happened to Chanin?'

Urban Canine celebrates 10 years in business

The Urban Canine is celebrating ten years in business this year; they have two stores now, one on the South Hill and one on the Newport Highway, and it's not just their all natural quality selection of dog food but unique products like the 'boyfriend sweater' that keep people coming back.

"I wanted a job where I could bring my dog to work," Deborah Olmstead, owner of Urban Canine said.

The retail world is a hectic one, but Olmstead said she is happy to still be around after a decade.

"We survived the recession so I am happy to report that," she said.

The idea for the store she got 10 years ago from watching Animal Planet has become a huge success selling fun and different pet products as well as natural products to keep your dogs calm without using drugs and free of ticks and fleas.

And of course there's the dog food; they literally move tons of it each week.

"People love their animals and they understand the long term benefits of better food, which is a little more expensive than in the big box store, but we have a loyal following and we love what we do and people know that," Olmstead said.