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Cat rescued after being stuck in a tree for a week

A cat in Chattaroy is safe and sound with her owner after being stuck 60 feet above ground for six days. 

A KXLY viewer, Christina Poor, emailed us asking for help to get her neighbor's cat down from a pine tree in the Riverside Village Mobile Home Park. The cat had been up in the branches for almost a week and was so high that residents couldn't reach her. 

The owner had contacted the local fire station, but learned that despite what we see on T.V. fireman don't actually rescue cats from sticky situations. She then called arborists around the area, but couldn't afford the fee to save her pet. 

SCRAPS was able to contact the Pacific Northwest Animal Welfare Project. The group helps cover the costs of veterinary care, foster homes and transportation of local rescued animals and operates only on donations. PNW Animal Welfare Project paid for an arborist to bring the cat down safely. 

What can you do if your cat get stuck?

Ants invading Eastern Washington

Ants! They're invading Eastern Washington and may be heading toward your home. Pest control companies are getting hundreds of calls for help because of an influx of carpenter ants.

The problem this year is the longer winter and spring. A cool start to spring followed by warm weather has led to the ant infestation. When it heats up like this all of a sudden more of these ants hatch and try to find places to burrow in and set up shop for a year or two.

Lance Freeman, the general manager of Prime Pest Control, says his company fielded 400 calls alone.

"We're playing catch up right now, going until about 8 or 9 o'clock at night," he said.

Freeman said the flying ants will find a colony and then rip their wings off. Those are the ones who already set up a home, most in wood, whether its beams or tree stumps.

"These little holes right here, these are from a carpenter ant," Freeman said, pointing out signs of ants.

And if you think the amount of ants you're seeing is common or if you always see a lot of them around your yard Freeman suggested calling a professional.

Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms

Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms

Spring is finally here and Summer is just around the corner, and with the onset of warm weather across the region Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service reminds us to keep our pets safe in the heat.

"Every summer, we respond to calls of animals being left in cars," says Nancy Hill, Director of SCRAPS. "Inside a car, the temperature will rapidly increase and can overwhelm a pet in a very short time period - sometimes with fatal consequences."

If you typically bring your dog or other pets along for the car ride consider leaving them home when temperatures rise. Dogs aren't able to sweat to cool themselves down so it doesn't take much for them to overheat. Cracking a window while you run into the store isn't enough to keep them healthy.

"The temperature outside doesn't have to be in the 90's or more for a problem to exist," says Hill, "On a 78 degree day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 90 degrees, and hit a scorching 160 degree if parked in the sun."

"Memphis Belle" touches down at Felts Field

During World War II the Flying Fortress played a huge role in our military's success in the skies over Europe, and now the public has a chance to take a ride into history aboard a B-17 this week at Felts Field.

John Shuttleworth of the Liberty Foundation flies the B-17 dubbed the "Memphis Belle," named after the famous bomber, the first one to finish 25 combat missions over Europe, which is now on display at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. The Liberty Foundation's B-17 was used in 1989 for filming of the movie "Memphis Belle," starring Matthew Modine, John Lithgow and Tate Donovan.

Shuttleworth said typical missions aboard the B-17 were eight hours long at 30,000 feet. Temperatures inside were around thirty five to forty below zero and airmen had to wear heated flight suits.

"The environment was terrible for them," Shuttleworth said. "If you had to take your gloves off to do something and didn't watch where you put your hands you could freeze, you could get frostbite on your hands if you touched something it would freeze to it. They were on oxygen because they were up so high."

May is for foster parents

May is for foster parents

May is Foster Parent Appreciation Month, a special time to recognize a group of people who sacrifice so much for children.

The city of Spokane and some businesses are honoring those who have offered their hearts, home, and time over the past year.

Tomato Street kicked off the celebration by offering free meals to foster kids. The Davenport Hotel is giving a special rate to foster families a weekend in May for Foster Parent Appreciation Month. Arby's is giving foster families a 1/2 off coupon for the entire family to go to dinner at a Spokane Arby's.

To see other events to celebrate what foster parents do for children everyday, check out the Foster Parent Association Facebook Page.

Did you know foster parents:

  • may be asked to take a child or children at any hour of the day or night, with little notice or information?

Fire District 8 Open House

Fire District 8 Open House

Fire District 8 is hosting an open house this weekend for Fire Service Day. The event features fun family activities as well demonstrations and station tours. 

Smokey the Bear will be there to say hi to the kids and the station will be doing two auto extraction demonstrations as well as fire extinguisher demonstrations. Firefighters and EMTs will be teaching CPR classes throughout the day. David's Pizza will be serving lunch from 11am-1pm. 

The open house will be held at Station 81, located at 6117 S. Palouse Highway, just east of the intersection of 57th and the Palouse Highway. Station 81 serves Moran Prairie, Glenrose, Valley View Hills, Hangman Hills, the Ridge at Hangman and Browns Mountain. 

Fire District 8 Open House, Saturday, May 11th, 10:00am-2:00pm.

Jury selection begins in Starbuck murder case

Jury selection began Monday for Clay Starbuck. Starbuck is suspected of killing his ex-wife in 2010 and timing the murder so that the other men she was seeing would get blamed for the homicide.

There are several pieces of the case the jury will not hear during the trial. According to the defense, the judge has barred testimony about the several men Chanin Starbuck was dating at the time she was murdered, and that Clay believes one of those suitors is the real killer.

The defense also claims an adult toy left in the victim's body was not tested by the crime lab for DNA, and that that biological evidence found with Chanin does not match Clay.

Clay Starbuck's children meanwhile believe there dad is facing an unfair trial in a cast that hasn't been fully investigated.

Monday some 75 prospective jurors filled out a questionnaire for the court. They are not being asked if they have ever heard of the Starbuck case, just whether they have seen too many news reports to prevent them from reaching a fair judgment