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Pool season comes to a close across Spokane

Pool season comes to a close across Spokane

It's been a hot summer and while there are still some warm days ahead the swim season is starting to wind down across the city. There's only two days to enjoy the water before the majority of the area's pools settle down into winter hibernation. 


Spokane Valley Pools

  • Park Road Pool open through August 24th
  • Valley Mission Pool open through August 24th with the Paws in the Pool event on the 25th and 26th
  • Terrace View Pool will be open through September 2nd


Spokane City Pools

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Who's saving camp for kids with cancer

Who's saving camp for kids with cancer

Summer camp is a chance for new experiences, freedom, fun. My kids said going to camp has been some of the best times of their lives.  For kids with cancer, camp is extra special. It's an escape from their reality; a chance to be with other kids who know exactly what they're going through.

Back in March, the National Office of the American Cancer Society announced it would no longer fund camps across the nation, including the local “Camp Goodtimes East.”  The locally owned camp provides a medically supervised, week-long camp for children battling the effects of cancer.

Worst of this year's fire season still to come

It's been a nice long hot summer in the Spokane area, but our perfect weather for boating and swimming has also set the stage for fast moving wildfires.

On Tuesday a fire north of Spangle grew to more than 25 acres in less than an hour and it happened in relatively calm winds. The fire swept through a stand of trees wasn't a wind driven fire and it didn't even have the benefit of burning up hill. What the fire did have going for it was a lot of bone dry fuel and gave fire crews a preview of what's still to come.

Fires that burn up hill, like the recent fire south of Suncrest, move very quickly because the flames are pre-heating the vegetation above. However Tuesday's blaze south of Spangle defied normal fire behavior. Even though it was burning on flat terrain the relatively small fire generated a large column of rising smoke that sucked in even more air to help fan the flames.�

"This was flat terrain and the fire was driven by the fuels, that is it had generated enough heat that it was generating its own wind that was pushing the fire and that's indicative of very dry conditions," Andrew Stenbeck with the Department of Natural Resources said.

Woman charged for leaving dog in hot car while shopping

Woman charged for leaving dog in hot car while shopping

From the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service:

Today, Candace Bundrock-Brando, age 56, was charged for violations of R.C.W. 16.52.080, confinement in an unsafe manner, for leaving her dog locked in her vehicle while she went shopping in the Spokane Valley.  

SCRAPS Field Operations Manager Nicole Montano responded to a call for help from customers regarding a dog left in a vehicle unattended. Upon arrival, Montano noticed that the driver side and passenger side windows were cracked about two inches. The outside air temperature at the time was 85 degrees. The temperature inside the vehicle ranged from 109 degrees to 117 degrees. The small white dog named Gracie was panting excessively, a sign of heat stress.

Montano was able to get the driver side door unlocked and remove the dog. She put the dog inside her air-conditioned vehicle and offered her water. The dog was taken to the SCRAPS animal shelter for safe keeping until the owner was located.

Confinement in an unsafe manner is criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.  

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Sewing book by Odessa quilter published

Sewing book by Odessa quilter published

When Laura Estes started quilting and sewing in the early 1980s she never thought it would become her business. Next week her very own book of patterns, Learn to Make Pintucks, Pleats and Ruching, will be released by Annie's Quilt and Sew.


“I was kind of pleased to be asked to do it,” says Estes, 61, of Odessa, about putting together her new book. The folks at Annie's approached her in May 2012 and it's taken about a year and half to put it all together. Estes submitted her final designs and projects in February.


“It's exciting,” explains Estes, adding that the first time she saw the cover she got goosebumps.


Estes started quilting and sewing while she was working at fabric store, she explains that she figured she better start sewing if she was going to work there. That was in the early 1980s, and by 1994 the sewing had turned into a business. Estes started a pattern company called Laura's Sage Country Quilt.

Narrow escape for homeowners near Spangle fire

Narrow escape for homeowners near Spangle fire

In the quiet area of Spokane County between Spangle and Cheney along Depot Springs Road, is a place people move to for peace. Tuesday afternoon, the area was anything but tranquil.

"We didn't know there was a fire until we came home," Donna Davis said. "We were out celebrating our anniversary."

Davis and her husband say the fire was burning 30 feet from their property when they arrived. More than 50 acres burned and the fire was threatening five homes, including their's.

"The helicopters and the planes came from(the north)and they just circle overhead...so it's just hearing that noise overhead constantly and waiting." Davis said.

Several of those planes dropped flame retardant and water from above to assist more than 100 firefighters on the ground. Crews from all over Spokane County, and even Stevens County dug fire lines and worked to put it out.

Then all of the sudden in mid-afternoon the wind changed and started blowing flames to the north, away from homes in danger.

Dog bite incidents by the number

A short time ago KXLY did a story on a Coeur d'Alene man bitten by a pit bull. That story prompted quite the discussion about pit bulls on our website and facebook. In response to that, KXLY is taking a look at dog bites in the city and county of Spokane.

It's no surprise, pit bulls do have a reputation for being very fierce. However dog trainers say all dogs bite. It's just that some breeds are bred to bite less.

When Ryan Draper found a young dog running for the freeway he didn't plan on keeping the pit bull.

"As you can tell, Dozer is a sweetheart so yah, I had to keep him," said Draper owner of Dozer, a now 11-year-old pit bull.]

Now, 10 years and thousands of games of fetch later.

"I mean, playing fetch, he's a hard core advocate of that," said Draper.

Dozer is an irreplaceable part of Draper's life. A part that Draper knows comes with a stereo type.

"I try not to invade anybody's space and keep him on a leash," said Draper. Draper says Dozer is great with kids however he does notice people being a little extra careful around his dog.